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Funding An Employment Law Claim

If you have been dismissed or suffered discrimination, you may be entitled to bring a claim. The immediate concern of people in your sitation is usually how they will go about funding an employment law claim.

The good news is that because we specialise only in acting for employees, we have a number of options that can take such worries away.

We have several options that we can discuss with you regarding funding an employment law claim meaning we can take the stress out of making such a decision. Our initial call to discuss your options is completely free of charge.

During the first call we will review your situation, advise you of your legal rights and then explain all funding options to you. There is no charge for this part of our service, so please do call us now on 0808 1687288 or complete our Free Online Enquiry on the right hand side of this page.

Funding An Employment Law Claim Options

Some of the options available for funding an employment law claim are as follows:

Legal Expenses Insurance

Many people are unaware that legal expenses are often covered by household home insurance policies . If you have such a policy, we will speak directly with the insurer on your behalf to see whether your costs can be covered by the policy.

Generally, insurers do not provide cover until the internal grievance procedure has been concluded therefore you may be required to submit a grievance first but we will be able to assist you with that. Please be aware that your insurer may try to tell you that you are only entitled to instruct their choice of solicitor but this is simply not the case. You are legally entitled to choose your own solicitor and should always aim to instruct an expert like us.

No Win No Fee Agreements

If you do not have legal expenses insurance, in some cases, we may be able to act for you under a Damages Based Agreement (commonly referred to as “No Win, No Fee”). This means that you will only pay our fees if your case is won. If the case is lost, you will owe us nothing.

Fixed Fee

If neither Legal Expenses Insurance nor a No Win, No Fee Agreement is suitable, other options are available. We understand that the traditional method of paying solicitors by the hour can be daunting particularly when you are unsure as to how long it is likely to take to bring your case to a conclusion. For this reason we are able to offer a number of fixed fee packages some of which include:

We are able to offer further fixed fee packages if appropriate and tailor these to suit your needs.

Hourly Rate

We can, of course, also help with your case on the usual hourly rate basis. We ensure that all time is carefully recorded so that you only pay for the work actually done. We will also supply you with regular invoices so that you can keep on top of the costs that have been incurred to date.

The cost of your case will depend on a number of factors including the type of case and the work done.

When taken to a final hearing, wrongful dismissal claims can cost between £3,000 – £6,000, unfair dismissal claims between £5,000 – £8,500 and discrimination claims between £8,000 – £20,000. These figures are estimates only and include VAT.

The final bill could be higher or lower depending on a range of factors. The costs are likely to be less if we can help you obtain an early settlement. Most Tribunal claims are settled before a full hearing. The earlier the claim settles, the lower your costs will be. The costs could be higher than the estimates if the matter is particularly complex, there are large numbers of witnesses or you need to speak with your solicitor more often than is usual.

The costs incurred will include taking instructions from you and any witnesses you have, drafting the claim form and considering the response, attending preliminary hearings, preparing your disclosure and considering that received from the other side, preparing witness statements, schedules of loss and attendance at Tribunal for hearings. All of this work will be billed at an hourly rate of between £140 – £312 per hour including VAT. The rate paid will depend on the qualifications and experience of the person who carries out the specific task on the case. You can find details of the people who would work on your case here.

Additional Costs

If your case is particularly complex, or if the final hearing is listed for more than one day, we may also be required to instruct a barrister. You would be required to pay these costs, even on a “no-win, no-fee” basis. Barristers costs are generally between £600 – £1500 per day depending on experience.

Other costs you may be required to pay could be medical reports, particularly in discrimination cases, or expert reports if there is something technical arising in your case that we need to explain to the Tribunal.

We will not incur any additional costs without your prior agreement.

Make an Enquiry Now

To make a free enquiry based on any of the issues raised on this page please contact us on 0808 168 7288, or complete the online contact form at the top right of this page.

We can often combine the funding method discussed above so do not delay calling because of a fear of the costs.

Call us today and we will quickly assess the best option for you.

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I found all the staff to be knowledgeable and highly professional. Stephanie W

My experience has been a very professional one. The case ran smoothly from the get go. I was always kept in the loop. Dinah T

Up to date information. Easy to contact. Knowledgeable solicitor. No win without him. Audrey S

Very good. Always stayed within the timescales given. Sound advice, would recommend. Ken S

Efficient and helpful. Takes the claimant points into consideration. Angela R

Paul Doran Law has been extremely helpful and supportive in very difficult circumstances. I would highly recommend them as professionals to others and have a lot of faith in their advice. David R

Although a lengthy case I have been constantly updated throughout. Susan R

Paul answered me promptly, was very helpful and advised me what to do. Winifred P

Paul Doran was very helpful during my communication. Friendly and professional. Adrian M

Cormac is a very reassuring person, he made sure I was kept up to date as my case progressed and was always supportive when I got the jitters. He was very diligent and methodical whilst representing me. Iain M

Professional approach and positive attitude. Shirley M

Competent and efficient and very pleasant to deal with. Cloda McN

Cormac explained my options and talked me through each step and advised me of the best possible outcome. Gerard McL

Very helpful. Emma McA

Satisfied with service. Susan H

Very satisfied with the professional way case was handled. Evelyn H

Staff and solicitor very helpful at all times. Solicitor very knowledgeable and took my case and concerns seriously, and in a very professional manner. Deborah H

Friendly, efficient and very professional. Charlotte G

Very friendly and competent service. Peter G

My experience using Paul was very professional at all times. Kept me up to date at all times throughout the process. Blanche G

Very professional, friendly and efficient. Kept me informed throughout the process. Straight forward service which is exactly what I needed. Paula F

Good end result, Paul did a lot of work. Thank you. Lyn E

Felt at ease and was listened to; got excellent advice. Gemma D

Very professional and always willing to help and offer advice when needed on the situation. Lytreena D

Outstanding, friendly service from start to finish. Matthew C

Very professional and always left valued as a client. I feel that the company has worked very hard to get me a good result. Christine C

From day one there was a plan of action. I feel I was listened to and heard, after which the process was then easy. Kanta C

I would highly recommend. Karen B

Confident in representation. June B

Very happy with all aspects of my experience from initial contact to finish. Andrew B

Understanding and very prompt. Michelle W

Completely professional, and secured a settlement beyond my expectations. Cormac was exceptional – very many thanks. Joan W

Very happy with results. Very grateful for all Paul and his team have done for me. I feel valued as a client, my questions were always answered very quickly. Thank you. Anna V

Very good, professional. Amida S

Always responsive, courteous and supportive. Would recommend to friends and family without hesitation. David S

Easy and efficient and professional at all times. Stephanie R

Very good. Yusuf O

Excellent, efficient and prompt legal advice. Very satisfied with service provided. Lisa N

It took me a long time to find a solicitor who would support my case. I’m so glad I found Paul Doran Law who brought me success. Shirley N

I have had a very pleasant experience using Paul Doran Law and would definitely use again. Rebecca McM

The service was always informative, dignified and respectful. Chloe McL

I would definitely recommend. Colleen McB

Cormac was excellent from start to finish. I have already recommended him to friends and family. Sam M

Paul Doran Law were professional and very concerned about my feelings and what I had been through. I felt that they cared. Lisa M

Professional, helpful, very knowledgeable. Highly recommended. Bekki M

I found Cormac very compassionate and was always there as I had a lot of queries. Stephen McG

Impressed with accessibly, speed of response and professionalism. Edna L

Cormac was very professional and reassuring at all times. Kat K

Great, a good experience. Thank you. Mary K

Professional, efficient and friendly. Tabitha K

Very well treated throughout. I was always listened to and my questions answered. Allan H

I found Mr Rice to be professional, amiable and my overall experience was a positive one. Marcel G

I received valued information initially and came back later to receive a very satisfactory outcome. Lyn F

Put at ease very early on which helped me feel less stress. Harry D

I can’t thank you enough. I am so glad with the outcome and will recommend you. Christopher B

Cormac was great. Tom B

I would recommend Paul’s legal service as it is professional and thorough. Shelia H

This claim has been handled professionally and without delays. I am totally satisfied. Kelly L

Should the need arise I would definitely use Paul Doran’s services again. Suzie U

Any queries were answered quickly with detailed responses.  Sharon H

Everything was written very simply and in plain English which was good. Sylvia B

When time lines have been set, they have been met. I did not just feel like a case number. Karen S

When I emailed, Paul replied straight away.Very friendly and easy to talk to. Rita C

Paul was very thorough and helpful and successfully brought my case to an end. Margaret C

I feel strongly that Paul cares about clients. Pamela R

Paul was very reasonable and fair regarding the fees deducted from my claim offer I was awarded. Deborah McM

Very professional all the way through the process. Sharon C

I found all the staff to be knowledgeable and highly professional. Stephanie W

Well informed and easy to contact. I wouldn’t have won my case without him. Audrey S

Very good. Always stayed within the timescales given. Sound advice. Would recommend. Ken S

Efficient. Helpful. Take the clients points into consideration. Angela R

Paul Doran Law has been extremely helpful and supportive in very difficult circumstances. David R

Although a lengthy case, I have been constantly updated throughout. Jenny R

Professional and efficient service with helpful and friendly staff. Susan R

My case was handled professionally and my solicitor was very understanding and quick to respond. Eleanor P

Paul was very helpful and friendly. Adrian M

Cormac is a very reassuring person. He was very supportive when I got the jitters. Iain M

Kept going when it did not good and achieved a successful outcome. Shirley M

Competent, efficient and very pleasant to deal with. Cloda McN

Cormac deserves a salary for counselling alone! Lesley A

Cormac explained my options and talked me through each step and advised me of the best possible outcome. Gerard McL

They were quick to get things sorted. Emma McA

Very satisfied with the outcome to my case. Evelyn H

Solicitor very knowledgeable and took my case and concerns seriously in a very professional manner. Deborah H

Friendly, efficient and very professional. Charlotte G

I liked the personal touch. I received phone calls with updates instead of relying on letters all of the time. Sharon C

Very friendly and competent service. Peter G

Very professional. Kept me up to date at all times throughout the process. Blanche G

Straightforward service which is exactly what I needed. Paula F

Good end result. Paul did a lot of work. Lyn E

Very professional and always willing to help and offer advice when needed. Lytreena D

Very pleasant manner from staff and solicitors. Sara C

Outstanding. Friendly service from start to finish. Matthew C

I feel the company worked very hard to get the result. Christine C

From day one there was a plan of action. I feel I was listened to and heard after which to prove the case got easy. Kanta C

I would highly recommend. Karen B

Very good overall service. Judith B

Very happy with all aspects of my experience from initial contact to finish. Andrew B

Very professional, friendly and efficient. Kept me informed throughout the process. Paula F

Very professional. I always felt valued as a client Christine C

Paul was extremely professional and efficient Lesley A

Outstanding – friendly service from start to finish Matthew C

Paul Doran was very helpful during my communications, friendly & professional. Adrian M

I found right from the beginning Paul was very friendly and easy to ask questions at any time. Rita C

Paul is prompt, friendly and approachable. I liked how he was committed to my case and kept me informed. Judith P

I appreciate the thorough and expedient manner to which the task was completed. Barbara H

I feel Paul really cares about his clients and works to get the best outcome and justice for them.  Elaine S

My claim has been handled professionaly and without delays.  I am totally satisfied. Kelly L

Paul’s legal service is professional and thorough. Sharon H

I entrusted him with something that was very important to me and he did not let me down. Deborah McM

I was in contact with Paul on many occasions and all queries were dealt with personally and politely. Judith C

It has been a pleasure using Paul Doran Law. I would recommend him to friends and family. Sylvia B

Cormac was an absolute pleasure to work with – very polite, helpful, and thoughtful. Jessica D

Paul was polite and considerate and efficient. I would highly recommend this firm Geraldine A

I have been very impressed by the industry knowledge and the level of service provided. Nuala M

Quick, honest and responsive.

J Chambers

The service provided has been delivered beyond expectation.

K L Stokoe

Recommend without reservation.

J Taylor

If Paul had not taken on my case, I would not have received monies owed to me. E Shefford

I would recommend Paul’s legal service as it is professional and thorough. S Hall

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